Joy Kerfoot

Co-op Role

Joy Kerfoot, BAH(Psyc), CMP, MQP

Therapeutic Massage
Somatic/Emotional Release, Mind Body Integration
Nervous System Support and Regulation

Resourcing from a broad spectrum of trainings and 17 years of experience, Joy is both
technically skillful and intuitive in her approach to mind/body work. Treatments are
individually tailored to the needs of each person in an holistic approach that can offer
support for body mechanics/muscles/fascia, the nervous system, energetics and the

As an international speaker in health and healing I’m always on the lookout for outstanding
bodywork. Joy Kerfoot is truly a master. Her work and her presence are both
outstanding. Take advantage of any opportunity you can to work with her!

– Joan Borysenko, Ph.D. author and speaker

When I came to Joy, my body was full of old grief, wounds and a lot of habitual physical
pain. With deep intuition, uncanny skill and reverential care, Joy helped me release
all of this, and my body now feels completely transformed and renewed. I cannot
recommend her highly enough.

– Vanessa LeBourdais, Executive Producer, DreamRider Productions

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