Vancouver Healing Centre is a co-op of healers embodying compassion, wisdom and presence committed to excellence in specialty treatment services for complex pain & injury. The centre provides sanctuary and safe healing space necessary for true healing to occur. Our practitioners offer professional treatment services designed to meet the mind, body, and spirit requirements of the individual.


We believe all pain has the potential to heal. This healing takes place at the level of the nervous system and involves both the gross (physical) and subtle (energetic) body. Effective healing rewires the body through Breath, Stimulus, and Movement. Each individual requires a different type (massage, acupuncture, yoga, counselling) and level of stimulus to heal.


  • To provide excellence in specialty healing services for complex pain and trauma.
  • To offer old medicine style apprenticeship training for health practitioners.
  • To provide sanctuary and safe healing space for the individual.
  • To support collaborative professional practise at the centre.
  • To provide dharma teachings for the community.


Vancouver Healing Centre provides physical medicine, massage therapy, acupuncture, counselling, and yoga teachings in the heart of Kitsilano.

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Vancouver Healing Centre offers spiritual blessings, teachings and guidance in the
medicine garden dharma space.

“The Essence of the Vancouver Healing Centre is one of pure Healing; A hidden, unknown, almost secret space nestled in the heart of Kitsilano in Vancouver. As a VHC co-op practitioner the space gives me the freedom & flexibility to operate a healing practice in a true way where magic is a real possibilty. The beauty of the rooftop medicine garden is a sanctuary for clients.”

– Adamantia (VHC Co-op)